Founded by Beth Simpson as an extension of the events she created for the defunct Cornerstone Bookstore, the Salem Lit Fest has grown over the years to include hundreds of attendees, scores of volunteers, and dozens of authors. In 2014, the festival joined forces with New York Times bestselling author Brunonia Barry and her organization, Readers and Writers. Inc. This year, Brunonia Barry and Readers and Writers, Inc., have worked with The Salem Athenaeum to continue the tradition of hosting events at historic venues in and around Salem that unite authors and book lovers.

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  1. Dear Beth,

    I am the author of two short story collections: OH, DON’T ASK WHY, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA (2007), and BANJO GREASE, Creative Arts Book Company, Berkeley, CA (2000), plus forthcoming novels: THE WORLD’S SMALLEST BIBLE, Red Hen Press, spring 2014, and HUSH NOW, DON’T EXPLAIN, Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA. My plays have been performed Off Off Broadway and my fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary reviews. My wife, Aviva, and I have lived in Salem for many years.
    I would very much like to be involved in next years Salem Literary Festival and request that you kindly keep me informed. For additional information, my website is http://www.dennismust.com

    All best,


    PS: I did read from “Oh, Don’t Ask Why” at Cornerstone and deeply lament that wonderful bookstore’s demise.

  2. Hello,

    I hope all is well. I was hoping to get some additional information about author selection process for this year’s festival. We would love to know what you’re looking for and how we can nominate our authors for consideration.

    Thank you,

    Anne Whealdon

  3. Dear Beth, I’d love to have my publishing company and/or authors be a part of your Lit Fest. Please let me know if you see a good fit from my website. We have a local (Salem) author on our list, and she has a compelling novel called That Year in Boston. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,
    Dede Cummings, publisher

  4. I am the author of a suspense novel entitled “Cliodhna’s Wave” which will be released in late May 2014. Salem, MA is a significant location in my book and I am interested in participating in the Salem Lit Fest. Please send me information regarding the requirements for participation.

  5. I’d like to volunteer this year in planning and during the event. Please contact me at the email address above or at 781-308-3484.

    Jeannine Helen

  6. I am delighted that Salem and Brunonia Barry are presenting the Literary Fest. The one thing missing is handicapped information- if the areas are handicapped accessible- are there handicapped bathrooms? Places nearby that are for the handicapped- parking etc. I would like that information to be available for those of us that need to plan how we are going to get there and where we are going to park and where can we go to the bathroom. To be an inclusive Festival this information needs to be included on your web-site.

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