Submissions for the 2018 Salem Lit Fest are now open. CLICK HERE to complete the online submission form, after reading the guidelines below.

  • Deadline: July 30, 2018.
  • Online Submissions: Only online submissions are accepted.
  • Priorities: Preference is given to local authors with books released either in hardback or paperback in 2017 and up to August 1, 2018.
  • Festival structure: This year’s festival format will be an Author’s Showcase. Authors will have 10 minutes to read a selection of their choice. The will be no introductions. Questions will be held until the very end after all authors have read. Explore speakers and types of programming offered in past Festivals by clicking here.
  • Book, ARC, Page submissions: An application will not be accepted without four (4) copies of the material the author plans to read.
  • Multiple submissions: If you wish to submit more than one title for an author, please provide details about the second title in the comments field. Please do not submit multiple forms for the same author, even if the books are in different genres and published by different publishers. Provide the necessary details in comments.
  • Co-authors: If both authors wish to participate, please submit a form for each author, including separate bios and photos.
  • Series authors: Please submit the title of the newest book in a series as of March 2019.
  • Book sales: The Festival arranges ALL book sales, working with local bookstores and booksellers; they arrange ordering books. (Upon occasion, authors will need to provide their own books, and we will notify individual authors when that is necessary.)
  • Publicity and promotion: Participants and their books are promoted through the Festival website and printed materials; in regional media; and in blogs, podcasts, social media, and networking sites.
  • Travel and fees: Unless otherwise discussed, speakers are asked to assume the costs of participation, including travel and lodging. There is no submission fee to apply to the Festival.
  • Decisions: Application notifications will be provided by August 15,2018.
  • Information requested: View a sample PDF of the online form here. You may wish to gather the following information in advance for online submission of an author:
    1. Author and publisher’s contact information
    2. Hi-res photo of author
    3. Forty-word bio
    4. Author’s website
    5. Author’s social media handles, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
    6. Information about whether the author is willing to do school presentations
  • Questions? Please contact Festival staff at